Digital vouchers are here.

Digital vouchers allow immediate and controlled payment for taxi services across New Zealand* for your staff and customers.

Digital Vouchers can easily be created and managed from TaxiCharge’s eTaxi Dashboard.

Set spending and trip limits
Instantly issue or cancel vouchers
Distribute via SMS or email
Icon for Book & pay via App
Book & pay via App

We maintain impeccable cleanliness, ensuring a hygienic environment for your ride.

Icon for Instant solution
Instant solution

No more waiting for physical cards to arrive.  Enable your employees to travel without delay.

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Employees can access vouchers regardless of location, whether they're working from home or in a different part of the country.

Icon for Only pay for usage
Only pay for usage

If $100 in vouchers are distributed but only $50 is used, you will pay only $50.

Icon for Control transport spending
Control transport spending

Admins can put several parameters on the card which determine how the employee can use the voucher.  Digital vouchers can be reset, re-used or cancelled as required.

Icon for Easy to send
Easy to send

Create vouchers instantly, distribute them by SMS or email, and then track the status of voucher redemptions from the eTaxi dashboard.

Icon for Create unforgettable events
Create unforgettable events

Encourage attendance at your events by providing transportation for your attendees. Whether it's for meetings, team events, parties, or any other occasion, covering taxis can make it easier for people to attend and participate.

Getting started is easy

  • Existing customers
  • New customers


Log in to eTaxi


Select ‘Issue new digital voucher’

You can set rules such as value, number of trips and when it can be used.


Add recipient details

We'll send the voucher along with instructions, including downloading the YourRide app by SMS or email.


Send via SMS or email

N.B. The recipient will need to load a backup payment card before this voucher can be used.


Track usage

See vouchers that have been redeemed, by who and how much.

You will need to apply for a TaxiCharge Account. Contact us to discuss.
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What is the difference between physical and digital vouchers?

Digital vouchers enable your employees to travel without delay without waiting for a physical voucher to arrive. The same settings and controls apply for both: - Set spending and trip limits - Instantly issue or cancel cards - Set card activation for a future date You can also use the YourRide booking app to order your taxi. No more waiting on the line for an operator to answer.

How do I pay for voucher purchases?

We offer credit for all TaxiCharge Account holders - so there’s no need to use a credit card - we’ll invoice you monthly. Rest assured that you will only be charged when your employee or customer uses the voucher. For example, if you distribute $100 of vouchers and only $50 gets redeemed, you will only pay $50.

How do I send out the vouchers?

You can distribute vouchers via SMS or email.

How do people claim or use vouchers?

Employees or customers will receive their vouchers by SMS message or email. They can then add the voucher to the YourRide App. N.B. Digital vouchers can only be used on the App.

How can I get help if I’m an existing customer?

Phone: 09 306 1790 Email: